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Illustration of a bus station

This illustration of a bus station was done in Photoshop. The original picture was manipulated to make a hauntingly clean and empty scene. Where are the people?

Informational graphic

This informational graphic was created in Adobe Illustrator CS4. It shows how solar power creates electricity and informs of usage.

Jazz du Jour

This image of Jazz du Jour was manipulated using Photoshop CS4. The background was originally a garden scene. Notice the blending of the background and foreground. There is quite a bit of detail here.

High Dynamic Range Photography

The above photo uses a technique called High Dynamic Range photography. Four identical images taken with varying exposures were combined in photoshop CS4 to create this effect.

Informational graphic

This informational graphic was designed and put together using Illustrator CS4 which has some nice graphic capabilities for statistics.

Wall paper

This wall paper was created using the layering and duplicating capabilities in photoshop CS4.


This header was created by blending several images and text together in photoshop CS4.


This header was designed with Illustrator CS4.


This header was created with the help of both Illustrator and Photoshop CS4.

Handbag Logo

This handbag logo was hand crafted using photoshop CS4.



This monogram was crafted with Illustrator CS4.

Antique Auction

Ad for an antique shop created with CS4.

Thanksgiving is Served

This thanksgiving graphic was created using photoshop CS4. Note the illusion of the word "Thanksgiving" being baked onto the top of the cornmeal stuffing breading.

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